How to Support Apprising Ministries

“Only fix even the smallest amount you purpose to give of your income, and give this regularly; and as God is pleased to increase your light and grace, and is pleased to prosper you more, so give more. If you neglect in habitual giving, a regular giving, a giving principle based upon Scriptural grounds, and leave it only to feeling and impulse, or particular arousing circumstances, you will certainly be a loser.”

George Muller

Please know that Apprising Ministries is a non-denominational work extending from Connecticut River Baptist Church which depends entirely upon the generosity of God’s people. Undoubtedly the most important thing you can do for us is to commit to holding AM up in prayer. While every ministry ultimately depends on the Lord to provide for it, the primary way that He does so is through His people. In this way they also get to share in its mission, and its blessings.

Of course I certainly urge you to support your local church, however, if God puts it on your heart to assist Apprising Ministries with the work our Lord has commissioned us to do with a tax deductable donation, we would be very grateful. If you have been blessed and edified through what Christ has led me to write in the Spirit concerning the critical issues facing the Church of Jesus Christ today, then I ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a regular supporter of AM. And as you consider your gift, please keep in mind that I am now receiving letters from all over the world expressing the need for a work such as this in helping to equip their pastors and churches to deal with these rapidly accelerating deceptions.

This type of online apologetics and discernment ministry requires much time and research, so the generous gifts of any size from God’s people will make it possible for me to more quickly follow the Lord’s leading and transition Apprising Ministries into a major work which will to continue to equip and embolden believers to stand strong for Christ during this growing apostasy. Thank you for your generous support as we earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 3). Beloved of God, we do look forward to hearing from you today.

If you wish you can make your donation right online with PayPal. And even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still make a donation using your credit card. It’s fast, free and secure! Just click the button below:

Or if you prefer you may make your checks/money orders payable to Connecticut River Baptist Church and send them to:

P.O. BOX 340
Claremont, NH 03743