Friends of Apprising


“We find ourselves in another phase of that disastrous cycle, in which Christian leaders adapt worldly methods and thinking to the church. Thank God for men and ministries who sound the alarm and call the church back to Scripture. Apprising Ministries plays a crucial role in equipping believers to recognize error and embrace truth.”

Dr. John Morris
President, Institute for Creation Research

“In these last days of great deception and ecumenism we praise God for raising up Apprising Ministries, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, who are engaged in the fierce battle for truth. As more and more evangelical leaders embrace the false gospel of Roman Catholicism, we applaud those who encourage others to earnestly contend for the faith.”

Mike Gendron
Director of Proclaiming The Gospel Ministries, popular speaker and author

“Apprising Ministries is a very welcome recruit in the war against false teaching and in the defense of the Lord’s truth. May Ken know much divine help, guidance, protection and blessing as he ‘swims upstream’ by earnestly contending for the faith.”

Cecil Andrews
Founder, ‘Take Heed’ Ministries

Apprising Ministries is a most important resource Website for the present day. People across the modern world are looking for direct experiences with God.  The pitfalls and traps of those who seek to know God personally through mystical experiences are chaotic and dangerous.  Ken Silva does an excellent job in, not only analyzing the subtle mystics of former times, but right up to the present day he also carefully documents the new mystics and shows just how lethal these experiences are to real Christianity and the Gospel of grace.

Richard Bennett
Berean Beacon, former Roman Catholic priest

“Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries is to be highly commended for having the courage and conviction to expose the aberrations and heresies prevalent in the arena of religion, particularly in today’s Evangelical landscape, even issues many who are considered to be leaders within conservative, biblically orthodox and theologically Reformed circles are far too uncomfortable or frightened to touch. As a Christian talk show host who has interviewed many prominent scholars, theologians and apologists, I truly consider Ken Silva to be one of my very favorite guests, and eagerly look forward to many more opportunities to provide him with a platform to voice his views in the year to come. Thank you, Ken, for all you do for the furtherance of the Kingdom of our Sovereign Christ!”

Chris Arnzen
Host of “Iron Sharpens Iron